General Conditions Aqua Park Persenk

1. Persons in apparent drunk or under the influence of alcohol shall not be admitted
2. Armed persons shall not be admitted into the territory of Thermal Aqua Park Persenk
3. Food and beverages are not allowed
4. Pets are not allowed
5. Unaccompanied minors under 16 are not allowed
6. Companions have full responsibility for the safety of children
7. It is forbidden to jump in the pools as well as any dangerous games
8. The management of Thermal Aqua Park Persenk is not responsible for incidents and injuries caused by the fault of
9. The manual is not responsible for your personal luggage
10. It is obligatory to use showers before entering the swimming pools
11. The management of Thermal Aqua Park Persenk reserves the right to refuse access to pools and facilities to anyone violating the safety rules
12. Please request a cash receipt and keep it until you leave the facility.
13. There are no persons in bathing or wet clothes in the restaurant
14. Observe the safety rules and the instructions of the rescuers
15. All slides, changing rooms, showers and use of swimming pools are included in the ticket price
16. Consider the use of the slides and attractions for your health
17. If you want to visit only MODAR restaurant use the VIP entrance.
18. If necessary, contact the health care professional at the Aqua Park.
19. Reservation Phone 0878 525441