Bezden Mineral Baths – No color, no smell, ph 6.9, T 76°C, total sum 1730.79 mg/l.


Katons – mg/l:
  • K 25.00
  • Na 400.00
  • Mg 62.00
  • Li 1.44
  • Sr 1.18
  • Pb 0.05
  • Cu 0.05
  • Zu 0.05
  • Mu 0.07
  • Cd 0.005
  • Al 0.50
Anions mg/l:
  • F 5.50
  • Cl 52.00
  • so₄ 311.00
  • HCO₃ 736.00
  • PO₄ 1.60
  • H₂SiO₃ 126.00

With us, you will not only have fun but you will also restore the energy of your body and spirit while experiencing the healing power of our water.

The thing that distinguishes Thermal aqua park “Persenk from the other amusement parks in the country is the healing property of the mineral water of Beden.

The water from the Bedenski mineral baths is famous for the healing effect it has on a wide spectrum of diseases. It has low mineralisation, high temperature and a valuable physicochemical content. It is recommended for disease prevention and treatment of the nervous and locomotor systems. The drinking water is incredibly beneficial for curing health problems with the Gastrointestinal tract, the Urinary system and it also treats diseases of the Biliary tract.


We combine the healing power of our mineral water with SPA procedures here in Thermal aqua park “Persenk. You can experience the pleasure and relaxation from a variety of restoring and healing massages. Your reenergising experience with us will help you bring peacefulness and broad and sunny smiles back home.

Give your health the attention it deserves by enjoying one of your happiest summers here in the Rhodope Mountains. Give your children an adventurous present that they have never experienced before. We are sincerely grateful that you chose us again!

The water of the pools is being filtered non-stop – 24/7.

The temperature of the pools varies between 26° and 36 ° C.